Biometric login and payment without password

Voltox revolutionises the login, shopping and payment process thanks to face scanning. As of now, this is the smartest omnichannel solution on the market that works faster and more securely for everyone. "Smile twice" is the secret weapon at registration as well as at check-out.

You want to pay quickly and securely online? Use the latest Voltox technology for your purchases in the online shop. Fast, uncomplicated and only thanks to face scanning. Find out what Voltox has to offer and how you can benefit from it.

Briefly explained

Voltox is seen as the innovative solution that enriches your shopping experience and simplifies the payment process. The software focuses on the e-commerce, banking and retail sectors. It offers a multifaceted solution for e-commerce, payment system, online shop, login and cloud protection. Voltox is a facial recognition software developed in Switzerland. During the login process, your facial features are verified and within a few seconds the customer is recognised by their smile and can log in. With personalised login and payment via facial recognition, the software can be used at any ATM, via e-banking, e-wallet and as a money transfer at any time. Voltox also offers End2End solutions from login to fraud management. Our system immediately detects payment fraud or money laundering.

B2B added value with Voltox


  • Live facial recognition protects sellers and buyers when logging in as well as when paying

  • Fast login, verification of documents/ ID, cards without typing.

  • We solve password recovery in case of emergency when face recognition does not work 

  • Transactions are verified


  • Personalised login and payment via facial recognition on e-banking, m-banking, e-wallet, ATMs and money transfer.

  • Liveness and data verification

  • Scanning of payment vouchers and invoices in a very uncomplicated way. Scanning of e-Bill and direct payment from m-Banking and e-Wallet Confirmation via facial recognition


  • Optimise and secure bookings, check-in/out with guest management and facial recognition.

  • Avoid queues at the reception desk in hotels, resorts, business offices, airports with fast scanning of guests' ID documents or boarding cards. Save valuable time with our optimised solution.

  • Integrate with customised business solutions such as self-check-in machines at airports, hotels and business facilities.

  • Digitise online booking to simplify written bureaucracy

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