Revolutionary and carefree at all times.

Voltox revolutionises your shopping process in a simple and secure way. Carefree shopping without thinking much about which payment option is best. In future, your customers will no longer have to worry about their data, as this problem has been solved with Voltox facial recognition. The smart facial recognition software has integrated the Liveness function and thus prevents fakes, masks, deepfake videos or even stolen photos from being used. Only real people are allowed to open and access an account. This is what Voltox's Liveness Detection function ensures at all times.

Software as a service

Smart flexibility

The software adapts to the needs of the customers as a SAAS model (software as a service). Product integration with discount attractions, e-bill or document scanning options can be integrated and redeemed directly by the customer during payment. The integration is smart as a mobile or web version.


Step by step into the future with facial recognition software

Login with Voltox

Repeated password entry and constant identification was yesterday.

Voltox prevents this and looks confidently to the future of facial recognition software. Effortless and secure. You too can experience how secure and individual your customers' online purchases can be in the future.

Pay with Voltox

Online & offline payments, secure and uncomplicated.

In just a few seconds, the user can pay for the selected product through biometric verification. The check-out process is ensured secure and effortless at all times through the simple principle. This function is used again and again with a smile during the payment process.



Digital onboarding, made simple.

Seamless scanning of identity documents within a few seconds. How is this possible? Faster than the human eye, it recognises identity documents along the way to data extraction. During the onboarding of customers and credit cards, the system captures your data, filters it out and accepts it automatically. Regardless of whether it is a passport, travel visa or work permit. We use technical software applications such as OCR and MRZ. OCR scans your products and documents, MRZ reads your documents simultaneously.

Scan and Go

Independently scan items from the shelf and pay.

After you have scanned your item, your product is ready for payment. Scan & Go is the name for mobile self-checkout everywhere in the supermarket. After a unique shopping experience, the payment confirmation is sent to the customer via email. The customer is more flexible and you create more time for your staff. Facial recognition adds recognition value to the software. The use is available on iOS, Android devices as well as on web versions.

What are the advantages of this product?


Easy digital registration via facial recognition


Through facial recognition, Voltox offers a quick login process and the elimination of a password.


Scanning of identity documents within seconds and automatic filling in of your data


No photos of people are accepted during registration, only directly taken real-time images via facial recognition.


Counterfeits or unwanted purchases cannot be made without permission


Personalised registration secures the trader and buyer alike

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