Voltox Face Verification

Forgery-proof, unique. Secured and connected in a few seconds.

Voltox smart facial recognition software with liveness detection prevents the use of stolen photos, deepfake videos, masks or other fakes. Emotion recognition, age and gender definition, and facial feature verification to check facial identification. This all happens within seconds and in real time. With Voltox facial recognition, your customers no longer have to worry about their data. See our distinctive innovative product for yourself.

We offer fraud protection for the industrial sector, for the front and background to the e-commerce, retail, tourism sector, the hospitality industry and SME's personalised for login and payment with the face.

What Voltox has to offer in terms of fraud


Detect payment fraud, merchant fraud and money laundering immediately


Reduces dealer onboarding costs in terms of personnel costs, operating costs and set-up costs 


Provides you with reports and alerts


Monitoring of payment flows


Responds in real time


Supports AML and Fraud 

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