Contactless Digital Experience.

For a secure and smart shopping experience throughout the customer journey, Voltox aims to personalise and simplify the online and offline shopping/check-out process using facial recognition. This guarantees a relaxed shopping experience and no longer has to give you a headache. Imagine being able to go shopping without having to remember your credit card password in the back of your mind. Because the Voltox software works easily and simply using Liveness facial recognition within a few seconds.

What is the customer's task? The first time to register and the second time to complete the payment. Simple and convenient for everyone.

Why Voltox?


Digital face recognition without password entry


Registration in real time and with Liveness transmission


Simplified handling of documents, receipts and invoices via facial recognition


Individual advice and support


A protected transaction flow with multi-factor and two-factor authentication runs in the background.


Simple administrative control

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